‘Twas the night before my divorce

And all through my head

Thoughts of doom and impending dread

Would I have enough money?

Would I meet a new guy?

Would I ever really understand why?

I went for a spin

Watched some tv till noon

Blasted the music, anything to get rid of this tune

I remembered the time when all was so right

The kids were so happy, nary a fight,

Vacations were sunny, summers were grand,

watching the children playing endlessly in the sand

We promised each other ‘till death do us part

I preferred not to kill him, where do I start?

But now that was over, the dream at an end

What would life be like, would we even be friends?

I took time to heal and strengthen my psyche

It didn’t take long to realize “hey they like me”

My confidence built as I went through the motions

Before I knew it I began some self-promotion

I knew I had found it when The Divorcierge was born 

My purpose in life to help others forlorn

At the time of the holidays when all can feel lost

Take a lesson from me, don’t lose hope at all costs

Your days may be long, your tears very wet

But before long you too will have hope and won’t fret

Life is long and can be bumpy, even a little bit jumpy

Yet know that you too can find in yourself,

what it takes to move forward and weather the storm

Find hope in my story, you too will transform

If 2020 is a year that you fear

Take a step back and some time to get clear

Give The Divorcierge a ring, she’ll be waiting for you

No time like the present, to start life anew!

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