Your Personal Concierge Throughout the Divorce Process

Getting divorced? In the middle of a tough divorce? Near the end or just divorced?

Save money and time by getting prepared and staying focused and organized.

Understand your options and your finances so you can have a better divorce.

Karen Bigman, M.B.A., CDC® Certified Divorce Coach will help and support you before, during divorce, and into your post-divorce life. Contact me for a

free 30-minute consultation.

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• Understanding and figuring out the right divorce process for you
• Finding the right divorce professionals

• Budgeting and finding the financial support you need

• Working effectively with your divorce team to reduce divorce costs


Communicating with the children
• Helping with relocation
• Understanding finances
• Getting back to dating
• Adjusting to life post-divorce
• Acting as a neutral sounding board

Our Work

We’ll talk through your options, figure out what resources you need to get divorced and how to find the right divorce professionals for you. We’ll put together a Divorce Plan to help keep you organized.

Coaching /

Sustain focus on yourself and your needs. You can discover what you want.

Even the most organized of us gets thrown off course by divorce. Just keeping up with the day-to-day can be difficult, to say the least. At The Divorcierge, we help you:

• Focus on yourself and your needs
• Make sense of all the “noise” from friends and family
• Discover what you want and need and make the right decisions from a place of clarity
• Plan for difficult conversations/role play
• Find your strength to navigate difficult situations and interactions
• Plan for your post-divorce life
• Think through issues and concerns as your partner

Planning /

Get organized. We will create a divorce plan with goals and action items.

To move ahead effectively and efficiently, it is important to have a plan. Let us help you get organized and stay on the path to a successful divorce outcome. At The Divorcierge, we help you:

• Create a Divorce Plan with goals and action items
• Understand financial issues and formulate goals
• Negotiate a co-parenting plan
• Establish and work toward your personal goals
• Stay on track and be accountable

Build Your
Divorce Team

Let us help you in building your divorce team. Discover, evaluate, act.

Let us help you build your Divorce Team. The Divorcierge works with you to:

• Understand the different divorce processes and select the path that’s right for you
• Determine which professional resources you might need and make recommendations for: legal, financial, real estate, insurance, childcare, therapy and more
• Evaluate resources, asking if they are a good fit for your particular needs
• Act as your thinking partner as you work with different divorce professionals

The Divorcierge

The Power of New Perspectives

Karen Bigman is a Martha Beck Trained Life Coach and a CDC Certified Divorce Coach®. She holds a B.S.B.A. from Boston University and an M.B.A. from Columbia Business School. Karen has also completed Harvard Business School’s Executive Education Program ‘A New Path: Setting New Directions’. She is the mother of 2 young adults. Karen is successfully navigating her way through single life.

I’ve watched many people around me go through divorce from afar. It wasn’t until I started the process myself that I saw examples of inexplicable behavior during divorce. Parents who left children, never to be seen or heard from again, spouses refusing to pay support, others, completely cleaning out the bank accounts were just a few. I also began to see how perfectly functioning, intelligent people became incapable of the smallest task when faced with the overwhelm of divorce.

Besides the joy of being a parent, there is nothing that makes me feel better than sitting across the table from one of my clients and hearing her start to find clarity and move forward. No matter how many tears and how much devastation there is in their lives, they want things to turn around.

As a Divorce Coach, I help my clients move through their feelings of confusion and helplessness. They regain their sense of themselves as strong, independent individuals. By sorting through the overwhelm of emotions and getting organized for the process, clients can move forward with their lives and not stay stuck and defeated.

With the right support and guidance, we can all find a better path, full of hope, leading to a happier future.



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“After working with her I regained my professional and personal confidence to pursue the career and life I want.”

“Even though I’ve been divorced for almost fifteen years, ‘life’ wasn’t going as I had planned and things seemed overwhelming. Karen Bigman, The Divorcierge, offered me strategic coaching on everything from career management to “good enough” parenting. No matter if you are newly single or wrestling with issues long after your divorce, Karen offers a unique blend sensitivity, new age sensibility and pragmatic coaching. Karen encouraged me to check my expectations of myself as well as explore new ideas and a variety of ways to reach my goals. She was always supportive, open and ensured that her coaching styles meet my needs. The Divorcierge set me on a path and has made a transformational difference in my life.” Jodi | development professional

“Even though I’ve been divorced for almost fifteen years…”

“Working with Karen gave me a completely new perspective on how to approach the most stressful situation I have found myself in after separating and losing my job. She helped me focus and gently guided me to create a new solid emotional foundation to rebuild my life. After working with her I regained my professional and personal confidence to pursue the career and life I want.” Nina | apparel technical-design professional

“Karen is an excellent listener with a keen ability to help sort through the complex…”

“Karen is an excellent listener with a keen ability to help sort through the complex and often overwhelming problems we sometimes face in our lives. It’s Karen’s combination of insights into the human condition and her approachable demeanor that puts you at ease and helps provide the clarity needed to stay focused on your goals. I would highly recommend Karen to anyone looking for a coach who will really make a difference through insight, be an advocate that empowers, and help you make real progress.” Mike | senior corporate executive

“I was able to navigate through a tough time more quickly and efficiently with Karen’s action plan and vast experience.”

“Karen is an organized and effective coach who guides you through the maze of choices in life when things get turned upside down due to changes in ones life. I found Karen incredibly valuable in helping me make a plan and handling the tough decisions I was facing. I felt I was able to navigate through a tough time more quickly and efficiently with Karen’s action plan and vast experience.” Vicki | commercial airline Pilot


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Karen Bigman
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