Customer Testimonials

What’s it Like to Work With Karen?

“She understands the flow of the process – what decisions need to be made and in what order. I realized I needed someone who could provide objective insight into a process that is so emotionally charged. Karen is a sounding board with an incredible wealth of connections and insights, making her a most valuable resource. Plus, she is lovely person to work with”

Susie B. | Writer

“In what feels like the most dire time, Karen has been my trusted and experienced voice of reason. She listens and understands my feelings and goals. She is empathetic and wise. Karen has been by my side as my silent partner in the most challenging times. The Divorcierge is worth the investment.”

T.C. | Published Author

“Your work session was extremely informative and super helpful. I can’t thank you enough. Before the work session, I didn’t know where to start; I was having anxieties. Now that I have the tools necessary to go through the divorce process, I am confident. Knowledge is power.”

Dora R. | Financial Executive

“Karen is an effective coach who guides you through the maze of life choices when things get turned upside down. Karen was incredibly valuable in helping me make a plan and handle the tough decisions. I was able to navigate through a tough time more quickly and efficiently with The Divorcierge’s action plan.”

Vicki | Commercial Airline Pilot

“Working with Karen gave me a completely new perspective on how to approach the most stressful situation I have found myself in – after separating and losing my job. Karen helped me focus and gently guided me to create a new solid emotional foundation to rebuild my life. After working with Karen, I regained my professional and personal confidence to pursue the career and life I want.”

Nina | Apparel Technical-Design Professional

“I highly recommend Karen Bigman as a divorce coach. She is a consummate professional. I went to her completely clueless and intimidated by the divorce process- I didn’t know where to turn. After she took the time to understand my situation, she recommended a mediator who turned out to be perfect for us. When the going got tough, Karen helped me understand my wife’s perspective, which I never could have figured out by myself. When my spirits flagged, she helped me get over the finish line.”

Scott | Senior IT Executive

“Karen helped me take charge and align myself with the realities of my divorce. I met her 4 years into a drawn-out divorce that was emotionally and financially draining. As a CEO and the primary breadwinner in my marriage, my time was limited. I had made decisions in haste without understanding the personal and financial ramifications. Karen helped me find the right attorney, create a realistic financial picture and a path to divorce. 18 months later, the divorce is final, I have a better relationship with my daughter and I feel confident that I made the right decisions. Karen’s compassionate demeanor, strong knowledge of the process and realistic approach made all the difference!”

Jon | CEO

“Even though I’ve been divorced for almost 15 years, ‘life’ wasn’t going as planned and things were overwhelming. Karen Bigman, The Divorcierge, offered me strategic coaching on everything from career management to “good enough” parenting. No matter if you are newly single or wrestling with issues long after your divorce, Karen offers a unique blend of sensitivity, new age sensibility and pragmatic coaching. She was always supportive and ensured that her coaching style met my needs. The Divorcierge set me on a path and made a transformational difference in my life.”

Jodi | Development Professional

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