Technology Risks in Divorce

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    Protect yourself from these potential technology traps.

    The wonderful thing about technology is that you can communicate with anyone anywhere; the not so great thing is that all of it is recorded. The laws surrounding the disclosure of your online information are evolving, however, it’s absolutely critical to make sure you mitigate your exposure.

    A few tips for protecting your information:

    1.    Change the passwords on your desktop and laptop computers.
    2.    Create a new email account that you can safely use for all your divorce related information.
    3.    Does your family have an iCloud account? Your spouse may have access to all the information in the cloud. Time to get a new one just for you. A worthwhile expenditure at $2.99/month.
    4.    DO NOT post anything to Social Media that could be used against you. That includes photos that indicate you were partying for example, especially if you are in a custody battle, or photos of your vacation when you’re arguing that you need more spousal support.
    5.    Facebook Instant Messenger or any texting app can also be used against you. There’s a case where the rate of keystrokes in a series of instant messages indicated that a spouse was faking a disability!

    There are so many things to keep track of during divorce, documents, financials, kid’s schedules just to name a few. Don’t let the little details that seem benign come back to haunt you!


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