Navigating Divorce

 Getting divorced is a full-time job: dozens of assignments, demands being made of you from every direction, there are new dynamics in your relationships and there may be no one to turn to that can answer all your questions.   Your needs can change depending on what stage of the divorce process you are in and no matter where you are I can help.

Contemplating Divorce

These may be some of the questions you’ve been asking yourself. Making that final decision to move forward with the divorce process is one of the hardest choices you’ll ever make. If you have children, their lives will be impacted forever too. Taking the time to educate yourself, understand what divorce means and plan appropriately for the process is the best thing you can do.

Getting Divorced

You’ve made the decision to get divorced. Or worse, your spouse sprung it on you and you were completely blindsided. Whichever way it happened, the process is overwhelming. There are a million thoughts running thoughts running through your head. Your emotions are raw and volatile. There are so many things to do, so many people to speak to that you don’t know where to start or who to turn do.

After Divorce

You’ve been getting divorced for so long you thought it was a way of life. Now you see the end or you’ve got it all behind you. It’s time to start the next chapter, to establish a new normal.

Dating, Career, Kids, everything has shifted. Moving forward after divorce has its own set of challenges. Establishing new boundaries for your relationship with your ex-spouse as you co-parent, entering the dating world, or most importantly, finding your own voice and confidence to be an independent individual and live the life you choose.

Dating After Divorce

Getting ready to date after a long relationship of any kind is incredibly intimidating. After going through an emotionally draining divorce, the very idea of another relationship can be overwhelming.

In my Dating in a New World program, I help you get yourself in better mental shape than ever. You’ll find your unique voice and what makes you a great catch. We’ll review the potential pitfalls and how you can avoid them. You’ll get lots of dating advice.

Client Stories

While our work is unique to your situation, read examples of what we might do together.  Here I highlight four different scenarios a client might face in their divorce process.


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“In what feels like the most dire of times, Karen has been my trusted and experienced voice of reason. She wisely listens and understands your feelings and goals while being patient and empathetic. Divorce can be challenging in the easiest of times, and she’s by your side as your silent partner. KB is worth the investment.”

T.C. | Published Author

“She understands the flow of the process and what decisions need to be made before others.  I realized I needed someone that could objectively provide insight into a process that is so emotionally charged.  Karen is that sounding board and her incredible wealth of connections and insights make her a lovely person to work with.”

Susie B.

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