Life Coach

Karen Bigman, M.B.A., CDC®, CPC®

Are you thinking of getting a divorce, or in the process of a divorce or fretting about your post-divorce life? Divorce from your partner is incredibly overwhelming. You don’t have to face it alone. I can help you. Leverage my knowledge and experience to ensure a more equitable outcome and to come out as a stronger individual.

The Divorce Specialized Consultant & Life Coach you need, throughout your divorce

I am a Certified Coach and Divorce Consultant with years of experience in helping people cope with divorce. My academic combination of M.B.A. & CDC® Certified Divorce Coach arm me with the practical and tactical knowledge of divorce. Whether it’s pre-divorce, during divorce or post-divorce, I can extend my support so that you get closer to your dreams without spending needless amounts of money and time or undergoing unnecessary stress.

  • Divorce Preparation: Clarifying the divorce process, forming a team of divorce experts, managing financial resources and much more.
  • Understanding your financial position and preparing a pre & post-divorce spending plan and Statement of Net Worth so that you can ensure your financial security post divorce
  • Helping you gauge complicated aspects of the process and achieve a fair and just settlement with the help of divorce attorneys and other divorce professionals.
  • Arming you with tools and resources so that you can support yourself and traverse stressful situations.
  • Support System & Guidance: My guidance will help you navigate through unforeseen obstacles and difficulties. With access to leading experts in the financial & legal realm, I will guide you through this complicated and emotionally fraught process.

How I can help you

At The Divorcierge, I seek to help people affected by divorce and show them the brighter side of life as a certified life coach. I will help you to:

  • Navigate your options during the coaching process
  • Estimate the resources you will be needing to go through the divorce process.
  • Find the right divorce professionals
  • Facilitate self-discovery & create a better post-divorce life
  • Craft a divorce roadmap to organize the process for you
  • Be available to answer all your questions as they come up

What do I offer?

Pre and post-divorce support

  • Face-to-face discussion
  • Crafting a concrete tailored divorce plan
  • Referring and vetting divorce professionals
  • Budgeting for now and post-divorce
  • Preparing your Statement of Net Worth
  • Life Coaching
  • Dating in a post-divorce life
  • Career building
  • On-going phone and email support as needed throughout the process in addition to in-person meetings

Customized Life Coaching

  • Scheduled meetings on a regular basis to discuss any issues related to your divorce. I can be reached via email or phone anytime.

The Divorcierge will provide you a life-transforming experience, and help you come out as a stronger individual. Confidence is a powerful weapon that can change your life. Let me be your companion and help you advocate for yourself as you cope with the overwhelming process ahead of you.