Dear Divorcierge Podcast

E2: Dumbfounded by how to get divorced?

In this week’s episode, Dumbfounded is overwhelmed by the divorce process. Not sure what to do first, I address how to step back and face her fears.

E1: Welcome to the Dear Divorcierge Podcast

Karen Bigman, The Divorcierge, CDC® Certified Divorce Coach, Relationship Coach & MBA will be joined by divorce experts to answer all your divorce & relationship questions. Planning to get divorced? In the middle of getting divorced?

Looking forward to life after divorce? Separation, divorce process, finances, children, communicating through divorce, co-parenting…Send me your questions and listen for answers each week. You don’t have to go through divorce alone!

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“In what feels like the most dire of times, Karen has been my trusted and experienced voice of reason. She wisely listens and understands your feelings and goals while being patient and empathetic. Divorce can be challenging in the easiest of times, and she’s by your side as your silent partner. KB is worth the investment.”

T.C. | Published Author

Karen is an organized and effective coach who guides you through the maze of choices in life when things get turned upside down due to changes in ones life. I found Karen incredibly valuable in helping me make a plan and handling the tough decisions I was facing. I felt I was able to navigate through a tough time more quickly and efficiently with Karen’s action plan and vast experience.

Vicki | Commercial Airline Pilot

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