Customized Divorce Management

    The Divorcierge knows that getting divorced can feel overwhelming, with increasing information needs, financial and legal demands, and unstable changing relationships. When there’s no one to turn to, The Divorcierge is there to help, answering your questions, helping you stay organized, and supporting you as you move forward.

    Sign up for our Clarity Session. We’ll get to know you and your situation, help you make sense of it all, and build a Customized Divorce Action Plan.

    Clarity Session

    This initial session is designed to help you understand what’s lies ahead. We’ll examine your situation in detail and create a Customized Divorce Action Plan.

    Financial Empowerment

    Finances are one of the most complicated elements of the divorce process. We help you understand your options and empower you for a successful negotiation.

    The Ultimate Support Package

    You want your divorce to go quickly, but it won’t. This customized package offers extended support through the entire divorce process.

    New Life, New You

    After the divorce, it’s time to focus on the future. A new look, new job, new home, and dating again. With this customized package, you’ll decide how best to use our time together to help you with your post-divorce life.

    Dating In A New World

    Dating in a New World Package offers you all the tools you need to get yourself back into the dating pool with confidence.

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    "In what feels like the most dire of times, Karen has been my trusted and experienced voice of reason. She wisely listens and understands your feelings and goals while being patient and empathetic. Divorce can be challenging in the easiest of times, and she’s by your side as your silent partner. KB is worth the investment."

    T.C. | Published Author

    "Your work session was extremely informative and super helpful. I can’t thank you enough. Seriously, I didn’t know where to start. Before the work session, I was having anxieties.  Now that I have the tools necessary to go through the Divorce process, I am confident with less anxieties. Knowledge is power."

    Dora R. | Financial Executive

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    Tuesday, December 17th

    Join The Divorcierge, Karen Bigman, Barbara Bennett, LMFT, along with some wonderful women for a lively discussion about coping with divorce during the holidays.

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