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While Our Work Is Unique To Your Situation, Below Are Some Examples Of What We Might Do Together

Caroline’s Story

Caroline, a stay-at-home mom with three young children, found out her husband was cheating when his girlfriend Facetimed on her son’s iPad. Completely distraught and barely able to function, she reached out to The Divorcierge.

Desperate financially, she sometimes went through her daughter’s piggy bank when her husband “conveniently forgot” to provide support.  A native of another country, Caroline wanted to take her children for a family visit. Her husband exhibited all the behaviors of a narcissistic spouse, filing complaint after complaint seemingly out of spite with no intention of settlement.

Caroline’s Divorce Action Plan:

  • Learn the divorce process as it pertains to her status as a foreign national
  • Find an attorney to help with a Temporary Order of Support
  • Find tools to ensure the safety and well-being of 3 young children
  • Create a budget and spending plan that she could manage herself
  • Navigate complex personal dynamics with a narcissistic spouse

We worked with Caroline on finding the right attorney for her international divorce, addressing her husband’s repeated complaints, and getting her finances in order. We continue to support Caroline through the divorce process, and as she embarks on her new life.

Richard’s Story

Richard, a senior executive at a large corporation, had begun the divorce process years before reaching out to The Divorcierge. Richard’s wife suffered with mental health issues, and insisted on bringing the divorce to trial. With legal costs spiraling out of control, Richard finally agreed on a temporary support order without finalizing the divorce to save money. As a senior executive, Richard was concerned about appearances at work and kept his divorce a secret. Disappearing for frequent court appearances and lawyers’ meetings ultimately cost him his job.Five years into the temporary settlement, and ready to move forward again, Richard contacted The Divorcierge.

Richard’s Divorce Action Plan:

  • Evaluate current financial situation
  • Find appropriate attorney for a litigated divorce
  • Put reasonable proposals options together
  • Prepare for difficult negotiations
  • Act as a go-between for him and his attorney to save costs

Coaching Richard through the divorce process helped him manage an irrational spouse and reach an acceptable settlement while containing costs. Having a confidante to work through issues and emotions gave Richard the strength to push through even the most difficult parts of the process. On a separate note, he told us the judge was very impressed with his presentation of the financials!

Peter’s Story

Peter, a successful bank executive, wanted to divorce his wife. She was an alcoholic who was putting their young child at risk. Both Peter and his wife traveled for work, and Peter was considering relocating. Uncertain of the implications of trying to gain full custody of his child, Peter turned to The Divorcierge for help.

Peter’s Divorce Action Plan:

  • Familiarize with how the divorce process would work with particular attention to the needs of his child
  • Referral to therapists for his wife & son
  • Vet financial and living options
  • Find a divorce attorney who specializes in relocation issues

We helped Peter assess his situation, organize the most pressing issues, examine all options, and determine the best approach for his divorce. We acted as his sounding board whenever he needed it, as he struggled with the challenges of his unique situation. The Divorcierge continues to be there for Peter whenever he requests support.

Tina’s Story

Tina is a stay-at-home mom with a side business. She has 3 children. After 15 years of emotional abuse, she began an affair that ultimately ended her marriage. The divorce was difficult from the outset. Her boyfriend ended their relationship; her husband continued his abuse; and her children started “acting out” at school. When her husband, a financial executive who constantly traveled, sued for full custody of the children, in her desperation, Tina turned to The Divorcierge.

Tina’s Divorce Action Plan:

  • Weekly meetings to keep Tina grounded and act as a sounding board in emotional moments
  • Answer legal complaints, completing documentation for a Forensic Evaluation of the family regarding custody issues with the assistance of The Divorcierge
  • Organize documents for financial discovery
  • Review financial documents and proposals

Through weekly meetings, we helped Tina get organized and developed a plan for her custody battle. The custody fight involved full forensic evaluation, with multiple forms and legal complaints. We coached her through the process and helped her with her responses. We provided emotional support as needed. After a year, a settlement for joint custody was reached.

We continue to coach Tina as she co-parents with an extremely difficult ex-spouse, and as she embarks on this next phase of life. Working with The Divorcierge as both Divorce and Life Coach, Tina has started to date, launched a new business, and written a book. We couldn’t be more proud!

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“In what feels like the most dire of times, Karen has been my trusted and experienced voice of reason. She wisely listens and understands your feelings and goals while being patient and empathetic. Divorce can be challenging in the easiest of times, and she’s by your side as your silent partner. KB is worth the investment.”

T.C. | Published Author

Karen is an organized and effective coach who guides you through the maze of choices in life when things get turned upside down due to changes in ones life. I found Karen incredibly valuable in helping me make a plan and handling the tough decisions I was facing. I felt I was able to navigate through a tough time more quickly and efficiently with Karen’s action plan and vast experience.

Vicki | Commercial Airline Pilot

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