Divorce and the Millennial

Karen BigmanCo-Parenting, Divorce Process

While Many Millennials Are Putting Off Marriage, Others Are Getting Divorced With No Where To Turn Statistically, millennials are divorcing less, but also marrying less. Because of this, those divorcing as younger adults or with younger children have less support … Read More

Co-Parenting, Can Ex’s Ever Align?

Karen BigmanCo-Parenting, Coaching

divorce co-parent co-parenting

How do you co-parent during or after a divorce when you’re not particularly good at ‘co’ anything? What can you do to align around your children? How can two loving, devoted parents who can’t get along with each other possibly … Read More

Don’t Hire An Attorney Until You Do This

Karen BigmanDivorce Process

When the decision is made to get divorced, the instinctual thing to do is to find an attorney. Indeed, it’s critical to understand the legal implications of your particular situation to whatever extent possible, but how can you absorb and … Read More