Are You Angry at Your Soon-to-be Ex?

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One of the strongest emotions people feel during the divorce process is anger. Anger clouds your thinking and causes emotional decision-making. It also creates a defensive posture from the recipient of the anger and, slows down the divorce process. Here … Read More

It’s Just Not Fair!

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equitable divorce

New York State is an “Equitable Distribution” state. This translates to dividing assets, equitably, not necessarily equally. Financial negotiations typically revolve around what the assets actually are and what each party needs to live and support the children. The challenge … Read More

Filing a Divorce Action

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What does “filing for divorce” really mean? Starting a Divorce Action is the beginning of the divorce process from a legal perspective. This is not a requirement to start divorce negotiations. If for instance, you and your spouse have decided … Read More

Debt and Divorce: 4 Things to be Aware Of

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Until a divorce petition is filed with the courts, any assets that accrue value will be considered marital property. At the same time, any debt accrued by either party, will be marital debt. You are equally responsible for marital debt. … Read More