Filing a Divorce Action

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What does “filing for divorce” really mean? Starting a Divorce Action is the beginning of the divorce process from a legal perspective. This is not a requirement to start divorce negotiations. If for instance, you and your spouse have decided … Read More

Debt and Divorce: 4 Things to be Aware Of

Karen BigmanBlog, Finance

Until a divorce petition is filed with the courts, any assets that accrue value will be considered marital property. At the same time, any debt accrued by either party, will be marital debt. You are equally responsible for marital debt. … Read More

Your Brain on Divorce

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“I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything at all in the last year” my client exclaimed exasperatedly. She felt compelled to work at something, anything every waking hour or risk never moving forward with her life. Ironically, it was this … Read More

Divorce: Is what I’m feeling normal?

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I often get asked by my clients if it’s normal to be feeling the way they are feeling. Anger, guilt, sadness, shame, whatever the emotion, they are concerned that there must be something wrong with them which is causing such … Read More