Getting divorced for the first time is like childbirth – everyone tells you how hard it’s going to be and offers their advice – no matter what they tell you, the pain of childbirth is indescribable. Unlike childbirth, you don’t get a beautiful baby at the end of it, but you do get a chance at ‘rebirth’ for yourself.

Some women choose to get a Doula to guide them through pregnancy and birth. A Doula is “a trained professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to a mother before, during and shortly after childbirth…”. Women who’ve had the benefit of a Doula will tell you that they were invaluable and reduced the anxiety and uncertainty exponentially.

As a Divorce Concierge, I am your Doula for divorce.

I am your expert advisor and a continuous source of emotional support. When you’re at the beginning of the divorce process, you hear all sorts of horror stories from your friends and family. Everyone has an opinion about your situation or knows someone who had the most horrible divorce and they can’t wait to tell you about it. The truth is, you have no idea what’s ahead for you – you don’t know what you don’t know!

To ease your mind and keep you on track, my job is to help you stay focused and clear and to make sure that all the moving parts in your life have some semblance of order. When you do find yourself in a state of overwhelm, I’m that calming presence that keeps you grounded.

What does a Divorce Concierge do?

1.   A Divorce Concierge helps you get clear. Whether you’re contemplating divorce and want to know what it might look like, or you know you’re getting divorced and have no idea where to start, we work together to create a personalized roadmap for you. In some cases, clients need a full-blown action plan, in others, just putting one foot in front of the other and knowing the next few steps is enough.

2.    A Divorce Concierge makes sense of all the information swirling in your head. What does divorce look like? Does it have to be the War of the Roses? You’ll get a clear idea of what the process looks like under different circumstances and what the likely best process is for you.

3.    A Divorce Concierge helps you understand your finances. Perhaps you’ve never managed your own finances and need to figure out a budget, or you’re the sole breadwinner and need to understand how you will divide your assets, a divorce concierge can help you think through and gain clarity on how much you’ll need to live and how to manage what you’ll have.

4.    Offers resources to support your children. How do you tell the children? What’s the best way for them to transition from one home to two? What sort of support is available for them? How can you handle difficult conversations?

5.    Guides you through the legal process so you can be a better client for your attorney. Your attorney’s job is to ensure she/he does the best job possible representing you. Your attorney will need information from you and will be asking you to complete forms and answer complaint letters from your spouse. It sounds pretty straight forward yet in the face of all the emotions, you may find yourself unable to get things done.

Whether emotions take over or the task is so big that you can’t seem to complete it (such as document collection for discovery), your inclination will be to ask your attorney for emotional and tactical support along the way. Your attorney charges in 6 to 10-minute increments. When you get that first bill, you’ll wish there was somewhere else to turn. As your concierge, I’ll be that support system. We’ll work on a project basis so I can be available for you and you don’t have to worry about an exorbitant bill at the end. You’ll be able to provide your attorney with what she/he needs in a timely manner and spend a lot less in the process.

A Divorce Concierge is your go-to person to hold your hand through the divorce process. You can’t afford not to have one!

Schedule a Clarity Session with me and we’ll put your Divorce Action Plan in place.

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