Why Hire a Divorce Coach?

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Every time I meet someone who’s been through a divorce they say the same thing “I wish I’d had you when I went through my divorce!” The scariest thing about divorce is that you don’t know what you don’t know so how can you know you need it?

Have you ever shopped at Bed, Bath & Beyond. At the checkout counter there’s a bunch of small items that are meant to catch your attention (Avocado Holder anyone?). You may pick one up and say, “Hmm, I didn’t know this existed. I never knew I needed it.” Now, I’m not likening the need for divorce support to the need for keeping your avocados fresh, however, the gist is the same.

If you’ve never faced a divorce, you can’t possibly imagine what’s ahead. You may have seen some tv shows where a dramatic divorce trial takes place in one scene. If you could condense your divorce to less than an hour, let me know – I’ll hire you on the spot! Divorce is long, divorce is messy, it’s emotional, it’s scary and it can be really expensive. Going through it with the right team of support is the best way to mitigate some of the pain and suffering and reduce the cost.

A Divorce Coach is your Divorce Project Manager. She/He helps you stay grounded and focused when your world is upside down. By keeping in touch regularly and being there when you experience those moments, a Divorce Coach is your go-to, non-judgemental advocate.

A Divorce Coach will help you stay organized, help you understand what the components of the divorce process are, how it works, and what to expect when you meet with your attorney or go to court. A good divorce coach can offer you resources that are vetted and compatible with your needs so you don’t blindly hire counsel that may not fit your situation.

As a Divorce Coach will help you with your finances. She/He can work with you on budgeting and preparing your Statement of Net Worth for your attorney. Your coach will educate you about managing your financial life so you can feel confident that you’ll be able to manage post-divorce.

A Divorce Coach can help you think through options for your children, offer you ideas for how to approach custody and Parenting Plans and refer you to the right professionals if you need them.

A Divorce Coach has vetted resources to refer you to: Mental Health Specialist, Financial Professionals, Legal Professionals, Insurance Professionals, Real Estate Professionals etc.

A Divorce Coach is your sounding board for all the pieces of divorce. She/He can help you manage the multitude of tasks ahead. A Divorce Coach should be the first person you speak to when you decide to get divorced.

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