5 Questions to Ask Your Prospective Attorney

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It’s hard enough to face the divorce process altogether, hiring the right counsel presents its own challenge. Time and again, I see clients who’ve hired their friend’s attorney, begun the divorce process, then realized that their attorney wasn’t right for them but felt it was too late to move.

There is no reason to have an attorney that you’re not comfortable with. Divorce is a very emotional and intimate process. While you can’t be certain until you work with your attorney whether or not he or she is truly the right fit, you can and should try learn as much about their style and process upfront.

Make a checklist for yourself of things you’d like to know before you go into the initial meeting.   Most attorneys will give you an idea of how they would approach your case in your and how the process works in your community. Here are a few additional thoughts on what you should ask:

1.    Will you be handling my case or will you be handing it off to someone else in your office?
2.    If the answer to 1 is someone else, who will that be and who will be my primary contact?
3.    How often will we communicate? Will you be updating me as needed or will we have regular calls?
4.    How often will I receive a bill? Do I pay as you bill or am I expected to keep the retainer at a certain level?
5.    Do you know the opposing counsel and/or judge (if a judge has already been assigned)? Have you worked with them in the past?

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