Divorce is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Karen BigmanCoaching, Divorce Process, Should I or Shouldn't I?

It is said that “divorce is a marathon, not a sprint.” How would you train for a marathon? If you were trying to be the winner of the Boston or New York Marathon, you’d hire a trainer or coach who is an expert on running a marathon either having won one, or by being extremely knowledgeable about winning a marathon and how to get you there. Your coach would come up with a plan to:

·  Be your guide through the training process

·  Help you with the physical aspects-muscle strength, endurance training

·  Send you to specialists such as nutritionists to give you dietary guidelines

·  Mentally train to believe you are the best runner in the world

·  Continuously encourage you when you feel you’ve reached your limit

Now let’s take the athlete model and add a Divorce Coach to your divorce process.  Most individuals are looking to get the best financial settlement in the least contentious way at the lowest cost. A Divorce Coach, like an athletic coach would help you get clear on your goals and come up with an action plan to:

·  Help keep you focused on your goals in the face of overwhelming emotions

·  Know how the divorce process works

·  Be the expert on the experts-Legal Counsel, Financial Advisors, Mental Health Professionals, etc.

·  Understand how you can get through the divorce process best given your unique situation

·  Be your sounding board when you’re not sure about key decisions

·  Help you save money by keeping you organized and focused

·  Continuously encourage you to be your best self in the face of adversity

The best time to hire your Divorce Coach? Without a doubt, before you go through the process. Would you wait until you were halfway to the finish line to hire your athletic coach?