Not all Divorce Professionals with the Same Credentials are Created Equally

Karen BigmanDivorce Process

I recently started a series of interviews with divorce professionals with the intent of posting information about them on my website as potential resources. Rather than just list the names and websites, I feel that it’s important to get to know these individuals and show something about them other than just their credentials.

I’m quite surprised by my findings so far. I’ve always known that there’s no ‘one size fits all’ legal counsel or legal process. Every divorce is different, just like every marriage. While clients may share common issues, the way in which they experienced these issues is always different. I know that there are different personalities and styles, but what I found out was that connecting on a personal level allows me to know more about how they treat their clients.

How these individuals perceive their clients is just as important as what their credentials are. In my interviews so far, one attorney aspires for all his clients to have amicable relationships with their ex’s just like he has with his. Another practices yoga and meditation with her clients to help them process the stress of divorce. Yet another financial professional, is proudest of an award she received in high school for ‘the most hustle’ rather than the successful multi-million dollar firm she’s built.

When approaching your divorce, I can’t stress enough how important it is to get to know the person who will be representing you. You will be making tough decisions regarding your finances and your children that will have consequences well beyond your divorce. If the energy is right your experience will be better. Any respectable attorney can probably get you what the law entitles you to and sometimes more, but a great attorney gives you peace of mind too. They care about you and they really understand how painful the divorce process is.

Try not to make decisions in haste. Take the time to find what will work best for you.