5 Reasons Everyone Going Through A Divorce Needs A Divorce Coach

Karen BigmanCoaching

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These days everyone is a coach. A Life Coach, a Career Coach, an Executive Coach, a Health Coach etc. Now there’s a Divorce Coach too. People may need coaching at any stage of their lives. A little push here a bit of direction there, all are important, but when you’re going through a divorce you’re not likely to think of getting a coach. Often, the only person you know you need is an attorney.

I’d like to help change that thinking. Going through a divorce is an incredibly emotional and overwhelming process. From making the decision to divorce or having the decision made for you, to finding the right divorce professionals, understanding the financial situation, figuring out how to co-parent and all that goes with that, divorce can really knock even the most ‘together’ person down.

When you go through a divorce, everyone has an opinion. “You should take him for all he’s got”, “She’s not worth it”, “You must use my attorney, he’s a shark”, “I know you’ll meet someone new, he was never worthy of you” etc. Your head starts to spin and you can’t think straight. Imagining your life as a single person is overwhelming enough. Your spouse who was the one person you could always bounce ideas off of is no longer available to do that. You can barely get out of bed each morning let alone imagine meeting someone new. Wouldn’t it be great if someone could take care of all this for you?

Wouldn’t it be even better if you could take care of all this for you? As your coach we work together so you can. Who do you want to be as you go through this divorce? Helpless, overwhelmed, angry, indecisive, scared or focused and in control? Regardless of how you approach it, you will feel the emotions that go with this huge change in your life. With the right professionals helping you along the way however, you’ll be able to have more clarity and know that there’s always someone there for you.

Here are just a few ways that a Divorce Coach can help you have a less stressful divorce. A Divorce Coach can be:

Your thinking partner-When there’s no one to turn to your Divorce Coach will be there to bounce ideas off of. She will ask the right questions so you can think in a more factual way rather than impulsively through a haze of emotions

Your resource source-Not only are there several different ways to divorce, there are many different specialized divorce professionals that can help you. Your coach can give you information on what each process is so you can decide which one is best for your situation. She has a list of various divorce professionals with different types of practices and personalities to offer you.

Your Project Manager-When you have an organized method to the madness, things will go as smoothly as possible. A Divorce Coach will help you get organized so you know all the things you have to do. She will help you prepare for meetings with attorneys and financial professionals.

Your Communications Manager-Your Divorce Coach will work with you to prepare for meetings with your spouse so you can present a coherent front despite the emotions swarming through your head. You can talk through how to tell the children and help them through it and to how to interact with them when it comes to your changed relationship with your spouse.

Your Personal Coach-Keeping yourself grounded and facing the world as a newly single individual may be hard to imagine, but you will get there. Your Divorce Coach can keep you motivated, help you build your self-confidence back up, offer you encouragement to keep your physical strength up and take care of yourself.

There’s no easy way to go through a divorce, however, there are ways to ease the process and reduce the roller coaster ride. Hiring a Divorce Coach is the perfect starting point for finding your way to a better divorce.