Sabra Sasson

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Sabra Sasson
Founder & Principal, Sabra Law Group PLLC
Matrimonial Law/Mediation
New York, New Jersey, Connecticut

(646) 472-7971

Sabra works with people experiencing big life changes.  Her clients are planning for marriage or getting divorced.  After her own painful divorce, Sabra understands how stressful and significant these events are.  She handles the legal aspects and protects their interests so that her clients can focus on their evolution into this new life change.  She is passionate about helping people during the most stressful events in their lives, so that they experience less stress during their transition.

She empowers her clients to take charge of their lives and helps them to make the best choices into or out of their married lives.  As an attorney and divorce mediator, Sabra employs her skills and experience so that her clients are moved one step at a time through the process whether it be divorce or on the steps toward matrimony.  Where divorce can be “nasty” or “unfriendly”, Sabra helps to remove the fear and shame and helps the couple to focus on the life that could be post-divorce and guide them through the process to get there.

Rather than leave the decisions to the lawyers and judges in a long drawn out and expensive divorce in court, Sabra empowers couples to make the decisions together on their terms in a way that works for them and their family through her Harmonious Divorce System.

“Divorce is like a roller coaster and clients need an outlet for their emotions and they also need the information so that they can make the best decisions in their divorce.”  To help cope, Sabra recommends that clients going through divorce consider an exercise, yoga or meditation practice, and/or to seek out an appropriate therapist or life/grievance coach.