Sara Stanich

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Sara Stanich, CFP®, CDFA®

Sara Stanich is dedicated to helping families move forward with financial stability after divorce.

As the mom of three young children (including twins), she understands first-hand the costs of raising children in NYC, and believes that her role as an objective third party can reduce the emotional aspects of money conversations.  She believes that clients who have not paid much attention to their finances find her approachable and easy to talk to.

Many of Sara’s clients are of the ‘Gen X’ demographic or in their prime working years. After joining the industry in 2007, Sara earned her Certified Divorce Financial Analyst Certification (CDFA™) in 2010 after seeing several clients going through the divorce process. She also trained as a Divorce Mediator.

Sara’s process begins with a “discovery” meeting where she’ll use a whiteboard and gather information about her client’s background and financial picture as well as their financial goals and needs. This helps her quickly build an understanding of the client and create an effective relationship.

Sara emphasizes that “To protect yourself and set yourself up for financial success in divorce, it’s important to consider your options. This may be the largest financial event of your life. You need to make informed decisions.”

In addition to financial planning, Sara can help you invest your capital through her relationship with Raymond James and TD Ameritrade.

Sara and her family live in Brooklyn and enjoy spending time in Montauk. She noted that one of her hobbies is canning tomatoes-with any luck you’ll get a gift of tomatoes along with her financial wisdom!