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Rosalia M. Labate CPA, CDFA, CVA, MAFF
Founder Rosalia M. Labate CPA P.C.
Greater New York
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Going through a divorce changes everything. But you don’t know that until you’re in the midst of it. Rosalia found out first hand. Like you, she went through her own divorce. She sometimes struggled to handle it all. It’s not just ending your marriage. It’s a legal process. It’s leaving family that you will always love. For her, it felt like choosing sides. She didn’t want to fight, she just wanted out.

Understanding your finances can be complicated. If you’re thinking about a divorce, or seeking legal advice, things go from complicated to critical. Having a financial expert on your team means you can be confident that everything is accounted for. For your benefit and for your peace of mind.

Rosalia Labate is the go-to expert for people who are looking for financial due diligence before you hire your attorney, during the time you are with your attorney, or during settlement negotiations. Her unique combination of skills make her equipped to help you with complex financial issues. She completed her Certified Divorce Financial Analyst certification and went on to become a Master Analyst in Forensic Accounting and a Certified Valuation Analyst to be the best resource for her clients. She has not only worked with attorneys, she has been Court appointed.

She can work with you pre-divorce to detail your finances. Rosalia firmly believes that lack of preparation adds to the chaos. She can also help in cases where the monied-spouse is not forthcoming with information, using her strong forensic capabilities to develop the true financial picture. One particularly complex case she sites involved tracing payments for 15 accounts over 19 years!

Rosalia will work with your attorney as part of your team to help get the most favorable outcome and help you understand how you got there. You can also count on her to plan how to move forward making wise financial decisions.

In cases of mediation, Rosalia can act as the ‘financial neutral’, helping with budgets, understanding of assets and liabilities and the implications they will have for your settlement and future.