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Wendy had never dreamt about becoming a real estate agent but instead wanted to be a famous actress.  She married an agent, acted in enough television commercials to support her love of designer clothes and luxury goods but when her daughter was in kindergarten at Spence Wendy realized she needed to make more money to provide for the lifestyle she wanted for her family. Her father had once suggested real estate but Wendy wanted to be a star until the bills mounted up and she began to appreciate her father’s wisdom. She enrolled in a real estate course at Marymount college where her class was filled with older divorced women.  At the time, Wendy had no idea that in time she’d be divorced and a real estate superstar.  She knew that the same skills that she’d learned as an actress would serve her in her new career:

➣Listen to people
➣Try to understand their intention
➣Be present moment to moment
➣Be authentic

Wendy had the good fortune to be mentored by Barbara Corcoran at a time when The Corcoran Group was just beginning. Not quite sure of what a Real Estate agent did, Wendy showed up every day “playing the role of realtor”.  She received her first break when a couple who she had advised to purchase an apartment they’d seen without her didn’t get it and because she had been honest they wanted her to be their agent.

Wendy’s business is completely referral based. She enjoys taking people through the real estate process whether they are buying or selling. Wendy wants to make people happy and doesn’t care if it takes one day or twenty years. Case and point, Wendy sold my ex-husband and I our first apartment and found me my apartment post-divorce, twenty-five years later.

As a divorced woman, Wendy understands all too well the stress it adds to life. Her path to divorce started with upgrading her apartment hoping that a larger apartment would save her marriage. After her divorce, Wendy became so commitment phobic she would only rent and vowed never to live in an apartment she didn’t love or be with someone who didn’t give her joy.

In Wendy’s words “Divorce is like a bad business deal, settle and move on.” For her, realizing that helped her move forward after a very long and painful process. Karmicly, the day she finalized her divorce and wrote her ex-husband a large check, she received an unexpected commission check in almost the same amount for an apartment she’d sold to a buyer two years before!

Wendy attributes her belief system to her success:

➣Be honest
➣Do the right thing
➣Show up
➣Find the humor

Although she doesn’t practice any religious spiritual practice, she believes every day is a new day and when something doesn’t work out trust it wasn’t meant to be and let go of the results. If you make a mistake own it! To Wendy, life is a journey and she is constantly and curiously evolving. She trusts in the universe and knows how to make lemonade out of lemons.

When I asked Wendy who her typical clients were, she said “nice people. Nice attracts nice.” She would rather show a studio rental to a nice appreciative person than sell a $50 million dollar apartment to an unpleasant and difficult person. This has served her well, she has plenty of awards and accolades to show for it. “We’re all mirrors, we get what we give”, she says.

“I never know who I’m going to meet. It’s an adventure which I write about once a month in “Wendy on Wednesdays.” As we conclude our interview, Wendy quotes her 95 year old aunt’s advice about life. She told her : “ Live life on life’s terms, enjoy every moment and moisturize!”