Rosalind Sedacca

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Rosalind Sedacca, CDC® Certified Divorce Coach
Parenting, Dating & Relationship Coach
Founder, Child Centered Divorce Network for Parents
Nationwide and International via Skype

When Rosalind Sedacca was going through her divorce, like most of us, she agonized about how to tell her young son. She knew many families whose children were traumatized by their parent’s divorce and she felt very strongly that she did not want her son to be one of those kids. Using her creativity and writing talents, she came up with a tool that not only helped her son tremendously, but ultimately lead her into the work she does today as a Divorce & Parenting Coach and expert on effective co-parenting after divorce.

Rosalind created a unique “storybook” of their lives using photographs from their past up to the present moment. It included pictures of her and her husband at the beginning of their relationship, through the birth and life of their son and family. She explained that mom and dad have been fighting, and how sorry she was that he’d been experiencing that. She promised him that they would all be happier in separate homes and that it would be more peaceful and happy if he was with each parent separately.

Rosalind’s husband liked the tone and particularly that the book wasn’t presented in a judgmental way. She explained to her son that life is full of changes, and they were still a family – only the form of the family was changing. To this day, she and her ex-husband continue to co-parent their son. When he became an adult, he told Rosalind how effective that book had been and what great parents he had. He compared his experience with that of his friends who had very difficult relationships with their parents who had divorced.

Rosalind understood she had created something very valuable and wanted to share it with the world. Her career in advertising as a copywriter made writing a natural transition for her. She knew kids loved to see themselves in pictures and used those components to create her first book. Her mission was educating parents who were going through divorce on how to help their children to minimize negative consequences. She began to spend more and more of her time meeting with client and other professionals with the same mission.

Rosalind continues to create approachable products and to spread the word about how to create a child-centered divorce with her parenting and relationship coaching. Along with her sister who is a Mental Health Counselor, Rosalind has created co-parenting programs, an anger management course, and more recently, programs to help divorced parents transition into the next chapter of their lives — dating and finding a healthy new relationship.

On a personal note, Rosalind is a huge animal and nature lover. She attributes her ability to stay grounded in the face of very trying work through finding solace in nature.

Rosalind offers her coaching worldwide via Skype. She offers individual as well as customized packages and an online coaching guide available at her website.