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Wendy Samuelson
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After completing Cornell Law School, finding herself in a very tough job market, Wendy decided to follow in her father’s footsteps and join his Family Law firm. Twenty-two years later, Wendy now calls the firm her own. Her firm practices exclusively in Matrimonial and Family law, including but not limited to divorce, child custody and visitation, pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements, post-divorce enforcement, and support modification.


Wendy prides herself on being friendly, professional and strategic. Her goal is not to rush off to trial, to her, litigation is a last resort. What sets Wendy apart is her global approach to each case. She understands that in order to have a successful outcome for her client, there has to be a successful outcome for the opposing client. She looks at how each proposal affects both sides. Thinking of the whole picture has lead her to have an incredible success record-in 22 years, only 4 of her cases have ended up in court.

Wendy can be tough but to her, that doesn’t mean your divorce process needs to be acrimonious. She does her best to make sure that both sides are respectful of each other during negotiations. She’s also not afraid to let her client know what’s reasonable and fair under the circumstances, and that sometimes settling a case will be much more cost-effective than going to trial.

Using mediation practices with her clients helps them stay grounded and focused through the stressful process of divorce. Wendy will stop a client in their tracks and have them do a short meditation if she sees a client getting extremely anxious and nervous and unable to think clearly. She helps them to let go of their anger and move forward. It’s very important to her that her clients have a better life post-divorce. She keeps in touch with them to make sure they are doing okay, and sometimes even helps them find new jobs by making connections for them.

Wendy wants you to know that you don’t have to fear the process. It doesn’t have to be a war with a lot of drama. You can negotiate a divorce amicably with the right counsel and the right mindset. According to Wendy “People hang onto things that are not working for them. They don’t realize that if they change the channel, it might be a better channel.”

Below is Wendy’s meditation for healing from your divorce:

Say the prayer once for yourself, and then repeat it, substituting the name of your ex for me.

Light before me
Light behind me
Light at my left
Light at my right
Light above me
Light beneath me
Light unto me

Light in the eyes of those who see me
Light in the ears of those who listen to me
Light in the hearts of those who think of me
Light in the hearts of those who speak of me

Light restore me to health

Light be always in my heart
Light be within me
Light establish me forever
Light be around me and preserve me
Light be before me and lead me
Light be within me and give me life
Light be near me and rule me
Light be beneath me and fortify me

I love the Light in those whom I may have offended, knowingly or unknowingly,
May the light be with them
So be it
So it is
It is done

Adapted by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry from an ancient Christian prayer.