Mahri Relin

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Mahri Relin
Founder & Creator, Body Conceptions
Dance-Based Fitness
Personal Training
New York, New Jersey, Colorado

Mahri is a truly unique fitness expert. She went to graduate school for a PhD in Clinical Neuropsychology to help and understand people better. But in fact, her heart had always been in dance. From the age of five she knew that dance brought her the most happiness and passion. She decided that she would follow her passion.

With her talent in singing and dancing, Mahri was able to travel the world for twelve years. Along the way, she was invited to audition for celebrity trainer, Tracy Anderson. Mahri loved Tracy’s approach that brought dance and fitness together in an improvisational way. From there, she was invited to develop the FlyBarre program at Flywheel Sports. Eventually, entrepreneurship called her!

Using her training and experience, Mahri created her own unique dance-based method incorporating cardio and body sculpting. She wanted an approach that everyone could use, regardless of their dancing ability. Music is also an integral part of the workout. Mahri knows the power of music and how a song can change our whole mood and energy.

Her background and training have led her to be meticulous about training not only her clients, but all the instructors she employs. She makes sure all her teachers have proper certifications and provides on-going education including talks from life coaches and mental health professionals. She prides herself on who she hires, “we want people that are caring and warm and know how to challenge people.”

Mahri’s training also gives her amazing capabilities to understand and empathize with her clients. She is very sensitive to her client’s emotional state. Each session is tailored to the individual’s frame of mind on any given day. While her client may start a session feeling blue, they always come to a place of “catharsis and joy” and feel renewed when they’re done.

Mahri’s advice if you’re feeling overhwhelmed by divorce: “Get up and move, do something that you love. It can be really hard to motivate to do that. Music and movement can make you feel so much better and change your perspective.” She has a very strong belief in a holistic life. “Fitness is only a part, albeit an important one” she says, but connections with people are what life’s really about!