You Don’t Have to Face Your Divorce Alone

In the process of, or facing divorce?

Overwhelmed by the paperwork, the financials, supporting your children?

Confused by the divorce process-how it works, what you need to do to move forward?

Wherever you are in the process, MBA & CDC Certified Divorce Coach® & Life Coach, Karen Bigman will support you to achieve the desired results saving you Time, Money & Stress!

➮ Preparing for divorce – Explaining the DIVORCE PROCESS, creating your ROADMAP, finding your Divorce TEAM OF PROFESSIONALS

➮ Financials –  Understanding and preparing your STATEMENT OF NET WORTH & BUDGET

➮ Helping you understand & THINK THROUGH your options so you can ADVOCATE for yourself to achieve a fair settlement


➮ Helping your REDUCE COSTS

➮ Being your SOUNDING BOARD when you need to hear a neutral, compassionate voice

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Pre-Divorce Planning

As part of the coaching process, we’ll talk through your options, figure out what resources you need and how to find the right divorce professionals for you, then we’ll put together a Divorce Plan to help keep you organized.

➮ Creating a roadmap for your divorce with discrete action plans

➮ Determining which resources you need & making referrals from a pool of vetted professionals

➮ Preparing preliminary financial documents such as The Statement of Net Worth and Spending plan & Budget 

Helping you to create your post-divorce life.

Available for you via phone or email on an on-going basis.

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Support Through Divorce

➮ One-on-one meetings
➮ Creating a divorce plan
➮ Referrals and vetting of divorce professionals
➮Organizing and preparing Discovery documents, Statement of Net Worth, Spending Plans, Parenting Plans

Specialized Packages

➮ Walking Coaching
➮ Financial Fitness
➮ Dating in a New World

Customized Coaching

➮Regularly scheduled  meetings to discuss any issues or concerns related to your divorce  


Martha Beck Trained Life Coach & CDC®

Karen Bigman is a Martha Beck Trained Life Coach and a CDC Certified Divorce Coach®. She holds a B.S.B.A. from Boston University and an M.B.A. from Columbia Business School. Karen has also completed Harvard Business School’s Executive Education Program ‘A New Path: Setting New Directions’. She is the mother of two young adults. Karen is successfully navigating her way through single life after a long marriage.

“When it comes to pre-divorce planning, you don’t have to face it alone. I understand and I’m dedicated to providing the superior divorce advice you want and need. My unique combination of M.B.A. and Divorce Coach training help to provide you with practical and tactical divorce advice regardless of your circumstances – whether pre-divorce, during divorce or separation, or you’re looking to move forward with your post-divorce life.”

Divorce Coach & Separation Advice Life Coach Pre-Divorce Planning



“After working with her I regained my professional and personal confidence to pursue the career and life I want.”

“Even though I’ve been divorced for almost fifteen years…”

“Karen is an excellent listener with a keen ability to help sort through the complex…”

“I was able to navigate through a tough time more quickly and efficiently with Karen’s action plan and vast experience.”

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Expert Divorce Consulting & Coaching – In person coaching (in the New York Tri-State area), remote coaching available via Skype or phone.